The mind is clean clear light,clean clear mind than why we have all this problems?jealousy problem,hunger problem,ignorance problem,attachment problem oh so many….

well the cloud are not of the same nature of the sky,beyond the clouds in the sky the sun  continue to shine.So why we give more importance to the clouds and forget the clean clear sky,because of habit of the mind to belive that what appears to our mind is true true true,only this false belive, so try not to belive so much.


Buddhism now

Detachment, or nonattachment, can easily be seen in a negative light as indifference, and yet when understood in a certain way is absolutely fundamental to spiri­tual practice.

Wall painting. Photo: © Paul HeatleyTantra is described as giving both liberation and enjoyment, and constantly emphasises the blissful aspect of enlightenment; it is one of the many paradoxes of the spiritual path that the greatest enjoyment comes through detachment. Tantra teaches us to enjoy consciously, to enjoy with awareness, but awareness itself simultaneously causes and is the result of a subtle movement of detachment. This is not an external distancing of oneself from life or from people, but an inner separation from the lower, limited self, with its false perceptions of the exter­nal world. Ordinarily we identify completely with this little self, it lives our lives for us, and we experience everything through it, but at the same time it produces a sense of limitation and…

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Emptiness Teachings



Humans tend to regard themselves as supreme by nature, in contrast to what is generally viewed as a primitive world.  Our lives are virtually encased in a sense of divinity, assumed to distinguish us from everything else. This sense of division is also connected to the belief in an inherently separate self.
People commonly conclude that they are at least subtly God-like, marked by what is called consciousness.  A dividing wall is imagined to separate mind from matter, the animate from the inanimate.  Consciousness is our divine self, and death, a fall into lowly materiality.
The inseparable interrelatedness of people to everything else generally goes unacknowledged.  The world provides us with things, but we are not of it.  This dualism requires that we either accept eternal selfhood or be doomed to oblivion, death, as a descent into an incoherent abyss.

While the notion of…

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Emptiness Teachings



From the perspective of emptiness teachings, to say that something is empty means that it is empty of an inherent or independent existence.  Instead everything depends upon conditions like fire depends upon fuel and does not burn itself.  What is dependently arisen therefore, lacks its own being or substance.  Deconstructing consciousness and seeing its emptiness takes a lot of examination, but is profoundly liberating.  For the idea of consciousness existing as its own thing, not only perpetuates the sense of an inherently separate self, but involves an argument supporting the separate existence of all phenomena.~

Consciousness is commonly viewedas being independent from everything else, existing with its own nature.  Within nonduality, this is often referred to as pure consciousness and is seen as a foundational and transcendent reality, as the essence of everything.  Such a perspective does not recognize consciousness as dependent upon other phenomena to appear…

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Emptiness Teachings

There are two truths in Buddhism, conventional and ultimate truth.  This penetrating insight dates back to the original Buddha.  Understanding the two truths and the relationship between them is vital in seeing through the illusion of inherent existence and realizing emptiness or Śūnyatā.
Nagarjuna’s philosophy of the Middle Way or Mahyamaka school of Buddhism shows how the two truths are different and yet despite this difference are actually identical.  An understanding of this paradox is a journey of remarkable insight and clarity.  Nagarjuna’s doctrine of the emptiness of emptiness is imperative on this account.
The references used for this article focused on the brilliant works of Jay Garfield, Professor of Philosophy, Buddhist scholar and translator.


Conventional Truth

Conventional truth involves our everyday experience and understanding of the way the phenomenal world appears and functions.  If our senses and cognition are in working order we recognize that…

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A Dakini is straight and light a witch is falsely kind and heavy.paul reds.


Why you feel reality is so concrete,sort of dense?remember the nature of mind is clean clear light,not only the positive but also the negative they both are unified in the space of clarity.Clean clear mind,the nature is like this clean clear both in sutra and tantra they say,don’t go into judgemental speculation that are just conceptions and elaborations,stay on the clarity nature of your own mind then eventually you will discover, unveil the courtain,that’s all.

Echi di vacuita’

Gheshe Rabten.


Nella tradizione dei Sutra ‘Mahamudra’significa vacuita’.

Ora e’attraverso la realizzazione della vacuita’che la liberazione dall’esistenza ciclica e’possibile.Finche’non realiziamo cio’,la ruota di nascita e morte,dolore e frustrazione continuera’ senza interruzione.La realizzazione della vacuita’ e’ chiamata’ la porta della liberazione’.

Comprendere cio’ e’ il modo di ottenere le qualita’ degli Arath e dei Buddha,restare ignoranti di cio’ e’ la causa  di tutte le catene e sofferenze.

I sutra o discorsi di Buddha sulla vacuita’ sono conosciuti come i sutra essenziali.Anche se Buddha ha parlato di un vasto assortimento di argomenti,inclusa l’impermanenza,

Maitriasanga.  Love without obstruction.Or love without limits or love without materiality,concreteness that obstructs .

Actually there is sanga and asanga.Sanga is limit,asanga is without limit,or impediments.

So why Sanga? you put limits,cause you start to control yourself on the gross body,speach an mind level.

Than slowly you progress on major forms of control more subtle and just contemplating the clean clear nature of your mind you ……..THAT’S IT.

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